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Company Liper s.r.o. was established in the year 2002. Its founders were workers with 10 year experiences in the area of production of the springs. From the early beginning was their purpose to cover needs of the customers as much as possible. Thats why company Liper from the beginning produced pull and push springs till the diameter of the wire 5mm including grinding of the endings of the springs. In the year 2004 were top class German production machines bought and the range of spring production enlarged by profiled, simple and double torsion springs.

In the year 2008 because of the needs of the customers next CNC production machines were bought as well as High capacity grinding machine. From the beginning of 2013 is company Liper moved into the new build own production plant at the address Kateřinská 756 , 463 03 Stráž nad Nisou. At the same time two new CNC production machines WAFIOS together with automatic high volume grinding machine were bought.

Currently company Liper supplies springs for example to automobile, electrotechnical and furniture industry.

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Kateřinská 756

Stráž nad Nisou


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Tel: 480 002 988